StoryRock, Inc

Memories are the stuff of life.  They remind us of whom we are, teach us about where we have been, and shape the future of who we want to be.  At StoryRock, we believe that everyone has memories worth keeping and stories that should be shared.

Over the last two decades, we have developed a variety of custom software and services that help save, organize, and share memories.  By incorporating photos, the written word, and video we help make every story captivating.

We see your memories as important.  We are committed to preserving them in the most compelling, striking, and enduring way possible.  They are, after all, the stories of your life.


StoryRock cut its teeth as a software company in the educational market, developing digital interactive yearbooks.  Our software technology distributed through publishing partners such as Jostens and Lifetouch, quickly became the leading digital yearbook software in the industry.

Having proven ourselves with digital yearbooks, StoryRock began shifting its focus away from the education market and towards digital scrapbooks and historical commemoratives.  The result was MyMemories Technologies and Remember My Service Productions.

Today, our MyMemories Suite is the most innovative and popular digital scrapbook software in the industry.  Our core software continues to set the standard in user-friendly software used for making scrapbooks and photo albums.

On the other hand, Remember My Service is now recognized as the leader in creating and sharing historical commemoratives for all branches of the U.S. Military.  Our meaningful commemoratives—including anniversary publications for the Korean War, Vietnam War, and Desert Storm have been distributed to millions of deserving veterans.